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Special Thanks to Ultimate Pool Service and Jim Testino for graciously maintaining our Gate Fountains!  Call him at 813-469-1500


General Information: Gate Access Codes

  • All codes entered on the Gate Keypad must be preceded with * .
  • All residents are issued a “family code” that will open the gate 24 hours per day, 7 days per week.  This code should only be given to family members or very close friends who visit often after dark.  DO NOT give your family code to anyone else such as a contractor or pizza delivery.
  • Regular contractors such as landscape or pool maintenance have their own code that works from 7:45am to 6pm.  We don’t want them in the neighborhood after dark.  If you hire or no longer use a regular contractor please contact security to get or remove contractor code.
  • Delivery people can call your home from the gate (caller ID will be Sweetwater Creek).  If you are expecting them, you can then open the gate for them by pressing and holding the “9” key on your phone.
  • To request a code for a party or one time event contact the Sweetwater Security board member 7-10 days PRIOR to your event. To request a new code or report a problem, contact the Security board member.
  • Contractors or service people who will only be working at your home for a few days or weeks should be given the “Quarterly Code”.This is a code that works from 7:45am to 6pm.The code is changed every 3-6 months, and the new code is published in the Sweetwater newsletter and distributed via email to Sweetwater residents.

Gate Operating Tips 

Most of the issues we have investigated appear to be operator error.  Usually, people forget to press the # key before the 4 digit code, or precede the code with an invalid key such as *. 

Also, press the keys quickly, without pausing.


*  The “clicker” signal reaches the greatest distance by operating the device from the upper area of the vehicle. Using Velcro, (the type with glue on each back side) and installing it on the windshield works very well. I placed mine on the upper left hand side of the windshield, next to the door post on the driver side.

*  The receiver for the “clicker” is located on top of the keypad kiosk where the phone system and computer are located.


*   Visitors and residents must enter the # (pound) key before entering the four digit code when entering through the visitors’ gate.  Without the # key, the visitor gate simply will not open.

*   If someone calls a resident from the keypad at the visitors’ gate, the resident can push and hold, the 9 button on their phone and the gate will open. This only works for calls originated from the keypad. It will not work if someone pulls up to the visitors’ gate and calls you from their cell phone.  We’ve discovered residents with phone service provided by BrightHouse cable should hold the 9 button for at least 5 seconds.  Other phone providers will open the gate in 2-3 seconds of holding the 9 button.

*   A visitor can pull to the keypad in the visitors’ lane and either scroll to your name and push the “Call” button or they can input your three-digit calling code (if they already know it). Calling the resident, using the three digit speed dial code does NOT require the # sign as part of the sequence.

*   For those of you who transfer your home phone calls to your cell phone when you are away – if someone calls you using the keypad at the visitors’ lane and you receive the call on your cell phone, you can hit the “9” key to open the gates and it will work the same as if you were taking the call on your home phone. Please be sure you know who is calling you!  Some Motorola cell phones automatically assign “speed dial” numbers, so you need to make sure “9” is not a speed dial code on your cell phone.


*  The gate only functions manually - you must grab the gate and manually swing it open after hitting the green button on the exit side or after hitting the code (no #sign) on the entry side. The 4 digit pedestrian code will change annually, and the new code will be published in the newsletter and via email.

ORDERING A NEW "Clicker" or Gate Remote for your vehicle

  1. Request for a clicker from security board member
  2. Security assigns a clicker number and requests an invoice from Treasurer
  3. Treasurer emails invoice w/ number to Security
  4. Security programs the device and notifies resident when clicker is ready for pick-up.
  5. Security provides the clicker with the invoice to the resident.
  6. Resident leaves a check in the community mailbox for the amount of the invoice

Please contact the for further information.